Pictures fade...Pixels are forever.
Preserve your family's irreplaceable history on archival digital formats.

Why transform your tapes & photos?


Andy Stauffer and Doug Rossini launched usqHomeVideo to bring their twenty years of professional expertise in digital technologies and creative filmmaking to individual families. Whether it's that one special event, a decade, or a lifetime of memories, we will find the defining moments (and cut out the boring parts).


Let's face it, even the best directors in Hollywood need a good editor. We'll lose the shaky-cam and the ten minutes before the school play starts. Your home movies, videos, and photos will be professionally edited to bring out the best in your footage. Your friends will thank you.


No more waiting for the tape to "fast forward". Find the scene you want -- instantly!

Archival Quality

Unfortunately, that VHS tape and those photos of your wedding are not going to last forever. FILM and TAPE DETERIORATE. Protect your priceless memories on hard drives or archival-quality DVDs designed to last 100 years or more.

Perfect Copies

With a professionally edited, exciting video library on hard drives or DVD, your family and friends are going to want copies. Easy, it's digital. No loss of quality. No hassle. Great gift.

Why document your life?

The greatest gift you can give your family is the wisdom of your years.

We can help make it easy to document your life—its ups, downs, lessons, and meaning—with a moving and professional video biography about you, or someone you love.

We do the preparation, filming, and editing. All you have to do is tell your story from the comfort of your home.

Document your dreams, your accomplishments, your loves, your life.

Let us capture your family history for the generations to come—it's a priceless gift that only you can give.

Let us digitize and archive your precious photos and videos and protect them for the future.
We are local so there's no shipping necessary. We'll pick up and deliver to your door.

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